Installing Suse Linux 9.2 on the Panasonic CF-Y2

1. Put Suse Linux 9.2 DVD into drive.
2. Switch Machine on and go into Setup (F2-key) to
   check that machine boots from CD.
   (By default the Bios boots from harddisk.)
3. Start Suse from DVD.
   Select keyboard Japanese (if you have a CF-Y2 with Japanese keybowrd)
4. Choose 'Manual Installation'.
   (I did not check whether Automatic Installation works.)
5. Check that System, Partitioning, Booting, Time Zone are correct.
   I am using a Toshiba 100GB harddisk with
   /windows/C 20GB NTFS
   /windows/D 60GB NTFS
   /swap       1GB
   /          23GB Linux
   I am using a USB mouse, but the Touchpad works as well.
6. Choose the Software you want to install.
   Check that ipwconfig is also installed for Wireless Setup.
   Install also kdebase3-extra to have proper KDE session management.
7. Start Installation
   Should run now for about 40 minutes until automatic reboot.
8. Reboot Linux from harddisk. Take out DVD.
   Do network and user setup.
9. Graphics Setup
   In device Setup automatic screen detection will not detect 1400x1050 screen.
   System will start with 1280x900 resolution looking dizzy.
   Get the 855resolution patch of Alain Poirier at:
   Download patch, follow installation instruction in readme-file.
   Once compiled the exexutable should be in /usr/sbin/855resolution
   Edit as superuser the file
   and put there the line:
   /usr/sbin/855resolution 3c 1400 1050
   On system restart you should have 1400x1050 resolution.
10. Wireless Setup
   The Intel 2200BG wireless can be setup via Yast without problems.
11. SDCard does not work.
12. USB works fine.
13. External monitor not tested.
14. PCMCIA seems to work fine.
15. Mic and headphones not tested.

Markus Fränz

Jan 2005