Panasonic CF-Y2 Hints

"The worlds lightest notebook with DVD-drive and SXGA screen in 2004."

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Japanese Model Description

CNET Review
"breakthrough piece of technology".

Replacing hard disk

The Toughbook CF-Y2 is a 3.3.Volt notebook and as such NOT compatible
with standard 5Volt notebook harddrives. 3.3 Volt version of HDDs are
only available via OEM suppliers. BUT  most modern  drives seem to  be
internally compatible with 3.3Volt usage and can be made to run on 3.3Volt
by clipping two power supply pins.  This recipe is from the Japanese CF-R3 site.
Thanks to Muliadi Jeo of ICUBE
for pointing me to this page.

It has been tested on the CF-R2 using a Hitachi 80GB drive and now by
myself on the CF-Y2 using a Toshiba 100GB drive MK1031GAS,
both times replacing the original Toshiba MK4025GASL.
It will probably work with other Toughbooks and other new harddrives as well.

WARNING: By clipping the pins you make the new harddrives incompatible for
normal 5Volt usage. You will probably loose your warranty and may damage your
notebook. You should make a backup of your data before starting!

NEWS 24 Nov 2007: Some drives also work on 3.3Volt without clipping pins.
These are listed and sold by: drivesolutions.
Thanks to Jun Sun for this info.
Replacement Description

English Driver Page
These drivers seem to work only with specific export models.

Japanese Windows Driver Page
Here you can find drivers for all the different CF-Y2 models.
Look at the pages with older dates to find your model.
Mine is a CF-Y2C4AXS.

Linux on CF-Y2

Markus Fraenz
Dec 2004